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Russian in St. Petersburg, Russia

PROGRAM DATES: June 30 - July 30, 2001    PROGRAM PRICE:    $3790

To be eligible, students must be 15 years old by the
departure date, have completed their freshman year and submit a teacher
recommendation. Novice language learners are accepted. PATA encourages
students who have studied other languages to consider immersion in Russian.
Academic Information:
Classes are held Monday - Friday.
Classes are taught by St. Petersburg State University staff.
Curriculum includes: Language, Culture, and Conversation.
Students receive 80 contact hours on a university transcript which
represent 4-5 hours of college credit.
Organized excursions provide a mobile culture classroom.
Day 1. . . . Fly to Russia.
Day 2. . . . Arrive in St. Petersburg and meet your host family.
Days 3-7. . . . Regular classes begin. Start to explore the city's cultural
Days 8-9. . . . Visit the sumptuous palaces and beautiful parks of Pushkin
and Pavlovsk. Sunday is free to enjoy St. Petersburg.
Days 10-14. . . . Regular classes.
Days 15-16. . . . Hop a hydrofoil to visit Petrodvorets, Peter the Great's
palace on the Gulf of Finland.
Days 17-21. . . .Regular classes.
Days 22-23. . . . Excursion to Novgorod.
Days 24-27. . . . Regular classes.
Day 28. . . .Travel to Moscow. Visit Red Square, the Kremlin and Lenin's Tomb.
Day 29. . . . After an excursion to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior,
explore the Kitay-Gorod or shop for last minute souvenirs at the GUM.
Day 30. . . . Fly home with your memories of Russia.
St. Petersburg State University
Located in a city recognized as a leader in education and research, St.
Petersburg State University is one of the area's many VUZs (Vysshee
Uchebroe Zavedenie - Highest Educational Establishment) and is considered
the most outstanding center of learning in this beautiful cultural center.
The university has designed courses for foreign students featuring Russian
as a second language.
St. Petersburg
The ornate and gilded home of the Czars,
St. Petersburg is one of Europe's most beautiful cities. Although its name
changed with the evolution of the political climate, the former Petrograd
(1914) and Leningrad (1924) has returned to its original name, that of its creator, Peter the Great.
St. Petersburg remains a city of palatial residences, the most famous being
the Winter Palace, the official residence of the Czars and the site of the
Bloody Sunday massacre of 1905. Today it houses the famous Hermitage Museum
of Art and Antiquities.
A center of art, music and intellect, a visit
to the city within two weeks of the summer solstice offers visitors a
chance to experience the White Nights - weeks of twenty four hour daylight.
The evening sky offers perfect lighting for outstanding views and superb