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Fall PATA 2020

We are excited to announce that PATA is back with an amazing line-up of virtual classes! As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we want you to stay safe, so we’re bringing PATA into your homes.

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VOICE WITH CARI TELLIS. An internationally-renowned voice teacher, speech-language pathologist, and researcher, Coach Cari is the best of the best. You’ll learn both the artistry AND science behind voice production for speaking and singing.

DANCE WITH PROFESSIONAL DANCERS HAYLEY BOCHNER AND JENN STAFFORD, LIVE FROM LOS ANGELES, CA! Their positivity will shine through your computer screen and you’ll feel like you are dancing live along with them.
Hip Hop with Hayley: In this class, you will learn the grooves, the technique, the history and the foundational styles that are within Hip Hop. We will then incorporate all the knowledge we have learned and put that together in a fun and upbeat piece of choreography!
Jazz/Contemporary with Jenn: Students will utilize their technique and performance skills in this rotating class between jazz and contemporary styles of dance.
Improv with Hayley/Jenn: This will be a time to explore dance through your own intention based movement while being guided by different exercises. Improv allows you to step out of your comfort zone and realize that anything is possible if you just allow yourself to get lost in the music.

ACTING WITH LEON TRAYMAN (LIVE FROM LONDON, UK!) AND SIMON WARD (LIVE FROM SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA!). Both are accomplished actors, singers, and teacher who will wow you with their approach to how to perform your best on stage and dive into your characters.
– Acting with Leon: Working on characters can be a daunting experience – after all, acting is not just learning lines & repeating them! Together, we’ll work through ways to go from page-to-stage (or rather ‘screen’ in our case, via the wonder of Zoom!) & discover characters through a variety of approaches, drawing on elements of acting, voice & movement.
– Acting with Simon: Here is where acting and psychology meet! Did you ever wonder what happens to your brain, body, and voice when you get nervous, get stage-fright, or forget your lines? You’ll learn all about your brain and body’s response to nervousness and stage-fright, AND learn practical skills and fun strategies to help you be the performer you’d like to be.

GUITAR WITH SINGER-SONGWRITER KATHARINE MANASCO (LIVE FROM BIRMINGHAM, AL!). Katharine is PATAsphere’s Music Director, has written some of PATA’s favorite songs, like ‘I Love This Moment’, ‘Places Where Music Is Born’, and ‘I Understand’, and has performed with Grammy-award winning folk-rock duo Indigo Girls.

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