PATAsphere Presents North Star Alley at the 2019 Scranton Fringe Festival!


Come see our wonderful performers put on our original musical North Star Alley at the Scranton Fringe Festival

North Star Alley begins with two teenagers who stumble upon a mysterious, enchanting alley fair where they meet the Artist who points them toward the North Star, a guidepost to their futures. As the story unfolds we find that prominent historical figures have visited North Star Alley at critical moments in their lives. All who meet the Artist learn the important lesson she teaches: What’s extraordinary is what happens when you leave what’s ordinary and take on what’s impossible.

VENUE: Scranton Cultural Center, Shopland Hall

DATES: Sunday, Sept. 29 @ 5pm
Friday, Oct. 4 @ 6pm
Saturday, Oct. 5 @ 6pm
Sunday, Oct. 6 @ 5pm

Tickets are $10, and can be purchased here or at the door. You won’t want to miss this!