Lonnie Barone



President of Barone Associates, which he founded in 1989, Orlando R. Barone is an Executive Leadership Coach at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he has also instructed undergraduates in interpersonal effectiveness and leadership. He is a graduate instructor in business communication skills at Temple University’s Fox School, and he presents on credibility, negotiation and conflict resolution. He conducts the Emerging Leaders Program in Negotiation at the Harvard School of Public Health. Lonnie co-wrote the best-selling textbook on the effective use of voice and gesture, Your Voice Is Your Business, now in its 2nd edition. His college text, Counseling and Interviewing: A Therapy Resource, is in wide use since Jones and Bartlett published it in 2016. Lonnie received his Bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude, from Villanova University and graduate degrees from the University of Delaware.



Lonnie Barone has worked with leaders from the corporate world, unions, family enterprises, the military, and nonprofit sectors to learn the lessons taught by those with a solid track record of bringing harsh disputes to fruitful conclusions.
In this workshop you’ll discover, through discussion and simulations of difficult interactions, strategies for achieving the best outcome — which can range from a positive sharing of ideas to the avoidance of a fight.
Finally, you’ll examine your most precious asset as a leader, the key to long term success in hard to handle interactions: credibility. Here is where you find out how to draw out from your followers the four assurances of your success: their confidence, loyalty, trust, and respect.