Leon Trayman



Leon Trayman is an actor, director, voice coach & theatre-maker from London, UK. He trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (in London) first as an actor & then as a voice coach. He is also an Estill Master Teacher & teaches singing, voice, accents, acting, directing, voiceover & presentation skills to students & clients across the world!



In every story there are characters. All of the characters fulfill a role in telling the story & often behave in a particular way. These behaviours are called ‘archetypes’ and writers create relationships using these archetypes. Sometimes they feel like they will always work out because we have seen the story many times before: the hero and the innocent dreamer fall in love & live happily ever after; the funny, geek and the ‘ordinary’ person next door being friends; the rebel being reformed with the help of a kind-hearted person. Sometimes it’s surprising that it works out: the Ogre and the Princess; the mean boss and the unfocussed employee; the princess and the beggar. We’ll explore how to transform into & perform an archetype that you can use to create your own stories.