Kim McInnis



Kim McInnis is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist living in Pittsburgh, PA. She is a principle player and Entertainment Director of Howl at the Moon dueling piano nightclub. She also creates original music and live streams as Kim Maverick on YouNow. Kim has been a certified Estill Master Trainer since 2017. She has presented at three Estill World Voice Symposiums and co-authored The Estill Adventure, Figures for Beginners workbook. Kim holds a Bachelor of Music with Certificate in Arts Management from the University of Windsor. Learn more at


Home studio technology today is more powerful than ever. When singers combine their vocal knowledge with simple audio tools, anything is possible. Singer-songwriter and Estill Master Trainer Kim McInnis will demonstrate some of the audio tools she uses for home recording and live streaming. She’ll also play some songs and answer questions about her career as a musician performing live and online.