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PATA offers homestay study abroad programs to Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Quebec for high school students to earn college credit. For English students, PATA also offers a literary study tour in Ireland. Designed to boost student fluency in a short period of time, PATA programs attract serious students who pledge to use only their language of study during their study abroad. Because PATA on-site directors are certified teachers of French, German, Italian, Russian and/or Spanish, the entire program is conducted in the language of study.
History of PATA and its founder, Rose Potter
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PATA Programs Provide:
An itinerary designed to appreciate the many cultural treasures the country has to offer.
A homestay experience for students with an experienced host family.
A bilingual, experienced, on-site director.
A student/director ratio that insures individual attention.
An emphasis on using the language of study within the group.
An extended stay in one city to allow students to live the local culture.
Overnight excursions and day trips to sites of historical and cultural interest.
Pre-departure newsletters and orientation.

Course work that takes place in an accredited university or a language institute whose
curriculum is designed to meet university standards.
A detailed transcript describing completed course work.

As a PATA participant immersed in language you will:
Invest in Your Future!
Save on your college costs! College credit earned in high school means you pay less for tuition,
books, and dorm time.
Accelerate your fluency in a second language.
Living the language is the best and fastest way to attain fluency. Your command of language
grows in direct proportion to daily use.
Develop multi-cultural awareness.
Free from your own cultural boundaries, you adapt to a new language an environment, grow in
your appreciation of a new culture, develop a greater understanding of cultural differences
in your won country and come to understand how cultural perspective impacts your daily life.

Strengthen your Self Esteem
Successfully overcoming culture shock, adapting to a new family, and learning communication skills
in a second language give you a sense of self-worth, inner strength, and personal empowerment.

Increase your Career Skills
Your multilingual talents will open doors in every field. Employees with the ability to speak
a foreign language and function effectively in another culture are in high demand in today's
business and professional world.

Foster International Relationships
You establish a network of international contacts through your host family, teachers,
and new friends.

Expand your political awareness
Abroad, you become a diplomat for your homeland while gaining a global perspective of
your nation's role in world politics.

Enhance your appreciation of the arts.
Your contact with art, architecture, literature, music, and dance unlocks treasures from
the past and gives insight into the marvels of the present.