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Since the operation of international travel programs requires extensive long-term planning, costs are incurred long before the actural departures. With this in mind, PATA has the following payment and refund for cancellation policies:.
You can pay the full payment of the published program cost, or you can choose to pay according to the
PATA PAYMENT PLAN:                                         
WB01570_1.gif (184 bytes)      $500 deposit which will be applied towards the program price due:     
               ALL PROGRAMS:    Due with application                
WB01570_1.gif (184 bytes)      50% of remaining balance due:    
            Spring Break:   November 15, 2000   
              Summer:    February 15, 2001        
            Penalty for late payment:    $75.00
WB01570_1.gif (184 bytes)     Final Balance due:
   Spring Break:    January 15, 2001
           Summer:   March 31, 2001
Penalty for late payment:    $150.00
A late fee of $75.00 will be assessed to any participant who has not paid 50% of full payment or
enrolls after the November 15/February 15 deadline.
A late fee of $150.00 will be assessed to any participant who has not paid in full or enrolls after
the January 15/March 31 deadline.
The date marked on overnight mail or the postmark (as stamped by the US Postal Service) on
regular mail, will determine the date on which a payment
has been made or a cancellation notified.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Participants who for any reason cancel on or before the following dates
will receive the corresponding refund.

Cancellation Date                                            Refund
Spring Break              Summer
November 14                February 14                     Full refund less the $90.00 registration fee.
January 14                   March 30                         Full refund less the $90.00 registration
                                                                          fee and a $250.00 processing fee.
January 31                   April 15                           Full refund less 50% of total program cost.
February 15                 May 1                              Full refund less 75% of total program cost.
February 28                 May 15                            No refund.

Notice about refunds: 

PATA reserves the right to cancel a program if the minimum number of
participants (10) is not met. Cancellation of a program by PATA will result
in a FULL REFUND including the registration fee.

If any participant has not arranged or cannot arrange the appropriate
documentation (passport & visa) prior to departure, the Cancellation and
Refund Policy will apply.